security question on MSN issue (your ticket 8175)

Ethan Blanton elb at
Mon Jan 26 11:59:21 EST 2009

Rodney Thayer spake unto us the following wisdom:
> I'm researching the cert glitch you describe as ticket 8175 (the
> thing.)  To me this looked like an issue because
> the EV sub-root isn't in your root store.  You don't seem to be
> describing it that way. If you want to chat about this issue I'd
> be interested.  I've got background in the SSL implementation
> world.

You are correct, the problem is that Microsoft is not providing the
full certificate chain, and the signing cert above the last they
provide is not shipped by Pidgin.  (I'm not sure if any Linux
distributions are shipping it or not.)

> P.s. I found a bunch of cert glitches when investigating this.  I'll
> send you a write-up.



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