impressed with Finch

Gigawatt war.d.eagle at
Tue Jan 27 12:23:48 EST 2009

I'm sorry if this is an inappropriate address to use for positive feedback.
Wow, I have been so impressed with Finch. I like Pidgin too and it works
great also. But they've been cracking down on using or even installing IMs
where I work. So I decided to install pidgin/finch on my Ubuntu box at home
and I use it via SSH form woek and man have I been impressed with the
features and ease of use - and how fantastic it looks especially considering
it is a terminal application. I use rxvt-unicode here at work for my
terminal and it displays everything perfectly. Anyway, I'm usually too lazy
to take the time to thank folks for the apps they produce, but I had to on
this one. So, thanks and keep up the good work.
Shannon Watts
Network Engineer
(Huntsville, AL)
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