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Borsuc octarone at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 29 15:14:22 EST 2009


First of all, I have searched a lot for this "bug" and it seems a LOT of other people are experiencing it as well. The weird thing is that they were all marked as "closed" or "fixed" since version 2.5.0 (the tickets). And people have been complaining since that version that it doesn't work anymore.

All the messages in QQ that are sent to me, and even the nicknames and other profile information, are displayed as (NULL).

However the issue seems to be related to the GTK libraries -- specifically, ANY version after 2.12.1-rev-b is unstable with QQ and makes the messages display as (NULL).

Why I am shocked is that if you downgrade to version 2.12.1-rev-b it works fine. (latest pidgin version 2.5.4 works with a downgraded GTK version! but it has some crashes or GUI problems...) Clearly, this is a problem that is not noticed. How come? GTK has been updated this year (2009) and it still has that 'bug'. I'm disappointed totally.

Why do mods keep closing these tickets? It is not fixed, not even in the latest GTK version (in 2009!) to my disappointment.

Please make a patch or something to make it work, or at least take this into account :(

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