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dermokratiya at dermokratiya at
Fri Oct 2 11:57:07 EDT 2009

This is an email to both Pidgin and Nimbuzz, though I expect to be ignored by Nimbuzz as per usuall. No offence just my experience thus far.

As we all know both Pidgin and Nimbuzz strive to intergrate many IMs into one app. This is excellent but there is a problem. messages  sent from a nimbuzz client to a pidgin client via the msn messenger network are not recieved by a pidgin client. The messages from a Pidgin client are recieved by a Nimbuzz client.

What may I ask is being considered as a resolve for this issue? Also are you both aware of this issue?

Lets face it. If you both work then you're both one step closer to complete intergration/compatability.

Kind regards.

David Wilson
Cambridge University

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