Problems with MSN account

Jack David Baucum maxolasersquad at
Fri Oct 2 15:19:00 EDT 2009

Randomly, when other users of MSN try to send me a message they receive
"Message may have not been sent because an unknown error occurred:"  Two
people at work use MSN, one with pidgin and the other with Microsoft's
client.  I am using Piding on Windows.  I thought it was an MSN problem with
my account, but I have an Ubuntu box that I Cygwin into.  I started using
Pidgin on it and nobody has had an issue IMing me over MSN since.Any ideas
on what could be wrong with my Windows Pidgin that would only affect MSN?
The plugins I have enabled are:
Release Notification
Windows Pidgin Options

Jack David Baucum
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