Problems with ICQ (and AIM sorta)

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Fri Oct 9 07:10:08 EDT 2009


I'm running Win7 Prof. 64-bit and have a fresh install of it as well as
Pidgin (about 2 weeks old now). I've never had any issues with neither ICQ
nor AIM before but ever since I installed this OS/Pidgin, things are
somewhat screwy.

The first (and probably less problematic) issue is that after signing on to
AIM, I can only see myself as online (I've added myself as a contact ages
ago for some reason). If I deactivate the AIM account and reactivate it, it
will sign back in and display all online buddies without a hitch. Not sure
what this is but I guess it's only a minor annoyance that I'd like to
somehow fix if possible.

The much bigger problem I have is with ICQ. A few select contacts on my ICQ
contact list act up real funny. One person uses Adium on MacOS X and he
randomly doesn't show up as online despite BEING online. The same thing
happens to him with me (I often display as offline despite clearly being
online). We've both checked that we don't accidently have each other blocked
and we've also double-checked with other people on our contact lists who see
us as online even if we don't see each other as online. I've also checked if
I'm over my 500 contact limit with ICQ and/or AIM but I'm not.

There's some other strange behavior going on, like him showing up as online
to me if he goes off- and then back online but only until he signs off again
(or I sign off again) but I don't want to go into that too much. We've both
basically tried everything we could think of, from deleting the person from
the contact list and adding them again to blocking/unblocking them and even
signing in with the normal ICQ/AIM client to maybe fix a corrupt contact

Nothing has fixed this problem so far and I thought it was only this one
person that I have this problem with. Today, however, another friend came
online with a Linux ICQ client (unfortunately I can't exactly say which) and
he also showed up as offline to me. Not sure if that was just a settings
problem on his side or what, but yeah... that is the second instance it's
happened to me.

Sorry for the lengthy email, but after checking support FAQs and even
joining the pidgin IRC channel I've still not come up with anything that
could fix my problem or at least help me identify where it comes from. So,
any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
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