Blocked Becoming Unblocked

Mark Doliner mark at
Wed Oct 14 02:48:19 EDT 2009

On Tue, Oct 13, 2009 at 8:10 PM, Matthew Sladnick
<mattsladnick at> wrote:
> I use Pidgin for AIM and recently I have been having a problem with my
> blocked people. When I sign on periodically the people on my blocked
> list show up as unblocked and they are able to message me. This does
> not happen with my normal AIM software. What can I do to fix this
> issue?

Hi Matthew.  When did you first notice this problem?

Here's everything I know about this issue:
* Appears to have started early Monday morning
* Does not affect AIM 7 or AIM Lite
* Affects libpurple-based clients (Pidgin, Adium, Meebo)
* Even though the privacy list isn't working, the oscar prpl believes
that your privacy setting is set correctly on the AIM servers
* If you open Pidgin's privacy window and change your privacy setting
to "Allow all users to contact me" then back to "Block only the users
below" then your privacy list will be effective for the remainder of
your session
* Tickets in our trac that touch on this issue:

I plan on keeping an eye on it and trying to determine if there's
something we can do to make block lists work again.


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