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      It will save you a for zxg tune. Plain & simple!     When the boffins at Pfi wx zer came up with the most famous lit fd tle blue pi cz ll     in the world its fair to say its success was already guaranteed. Whether you     like to admit it or not, suff vys ering with se dt xual dysfu hy nction of some degree     can put huge strains on a man, as well as on his entire rela obu tionship.         
     Un-beknown to the majority of men, erectile dysfu ys nction is highly likely     to be as a result of so ft me external matter playing on the mind as opposed to     anything phys maf ical. So producing a pill which could circumnavigate these     mental barri hx cades was a stroke of gen le ius. 
    But haven't we ever been paying for it ever since?
         So much so that the price of Via ly gra has doubled since it was     lau ea nched, according to a list of who ft lesale acquisition costs paid by     phar efm macies, obtained by BNET. 
    In May 1999, a 100-count bottle of the blue dia bsq monds cost $700. Today, that     same bottle cos sst ts $1,457.61, a 108 perc kr ent increase, acco sr rding to the list:
    Going up?
    Pf lwu izer have also not been backwards in coming forwards with regard to pr gr ice     increases either.
     The WAC list indi lbk cates that while Pfizer was init fmw ially content to take     price increases of 3 percent per year, in 2003 it doubled that inc wt rease. In     January 2009, Pfiz ug er bumped it up to 11 pe pu rcent. 
         Then in August it took another 5 percent.    It’s an astonishing example of pri nd cing power, given that Vi ghn agra is in     direct comp pe etition with Eli Li il lly’s Cia qtw lis and Bayer’s Lev lz itra. 
    Indeed the heat from Ci gl alis is parti ah cularly severe: Cial cba is sales in the U.S.     were up 16 percent to $149.4 million in Q2; Pfi cav zer’s Viag af ra was up only 4     perc wto ent at $207 million.
    Reason enough to choose only gen rf eric vi jr agra or cia kd lis? We thought so too.
    To order your ge faa neric     Vi ipp agra , gene qvd ric Cia wg lis or    generic     Lev qr itra from         Matureuntil,com, simply click one     of the links.
    Do so today and you get to take advantage of our new Autumn promotion which     offers a further 15% discount ON TOP of FREE ship uor ping to any dest usf ination in     the world. Even to your place of work.
    Satis fy faction! Guara njr nteed!  
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