Taskbar Flashing

Kelly Brownsberger kelly.brownsberger at gmail.com
Fri Oct 23 11:10:18 EDT 2009

yes, it's the buddy list and I do have it minimized to the system tray.  it
will randomly reappear and start flashing in the task bar like this:

in that screenshot, my friend happened to ping me a few seconds before
Pidgin started flashing, but I don't believe they're related.  The buddy
list likes to just appear from the system tray and start flashing.  It
doesn't maximize itself or come into view - just appears in the taskbar and
starts flashing.

Is this a feature I don't understand?  It seems to be trying to notify me of
something, but I don't know what :)

On Fri, Oct 23, 2009 at 9:59 AM, David Balazic <
David.Balazic at hermes-softlab.com> wrote:

>  Aha. Which window is flashin?
> If it is the buddy list, then you can just close it (make sure you have set
> it to minimize to systray,
> I think this is the default).
> Regards,
> David
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> I'm running 2.6.3
> By "In latest (v2.6.x) this can be set in menu Tools / Plugins : Message
> Notification" you mean I can UNCHECK "Message Notification".  I have ZERO
> plugins checked.  What I'm describing doesn't appear to be a notification.
> It's just a weird flashing that happen randomly throughout the day.
> I'll fire up Camtasia and take a video of it next time it happens and send
> it to you guys :)
> David Woolley explanation sounds accurate - this seems like a low level
> Windowing oddity more than a feature.
> On Fri, Oct 23, 2009 at 9:19 AM, David Balazic <
> David.Balazic at hermes-softlab.com> wrote:
>>  Which version of Pidgin?
>> In latest (v2.6.x) this can be set in menu Tools / Plugins : Message
>> Notification
>> Regards,
>> David
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>> *Subject:* Taskbar Flashing
>>   I'm running Pidgin on Windows (XP) - is there a setting/preference to
>> instruct Pidgin to not flash in the Windows taskbar while running?  I'm not
>> really sure why it's flashing exactly, but I'm guessing it's notifying me
>> that one or more buddies just came online.  That's not really useful to me
>> and because I'm using Pidgin to consolidate four different IM networks
>> together, my buddy list is quite large.  So, Pidgin is pretty much flashing
>> constantly all day.
>> Pidgin is definitely a keeper if I can figure out how to make it stop
>> flashing, but nothing is jumping out at me from scanning the menu options
>> Any tips would be appreciated
>> Thanks -kelly
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