pidgin(MSN) is set to be away even I didn't check the box

peng shao shallpion at
Sat Oct 24 12:58:43 EDT 2009

Hi sorry for my problem. I did search on google and the bugrepot of
pidgin, but found nobody
reported this problem  So I decide to ask for help here. Please
forgive me if this problem is
known but I didn't search it on google.

My machine:

Gentoo AMD 64, Pidgin 2.6.3, no plug-in


By pressing Tools-->Preference-->Status/Idle, there is a function
called auto-away. Under the
title "Auto-Away" There are a check box: "change status when idle", a
menu:" change status to".
Usually I leave the check box unchecked and the menu as "away".
However, I recently confirmed
from my friends that when the idle time  comes, my status would
automatically change to "away".
But, the notification icon on my pidgin still tells me that my status
is "online". If I leave the box
unchecked but the menu as "online", then when the idle time comes, both
the notification icon and the other clients would say my status is online.

In sum

  BOX         the menu "change status to"      when idle, the
notification icon      when idle, from other clients
  uncheck          away                                        online
  uncheck          online                                       online
  check             away                                         away

Could you please give me any suggestions? Thank you:)


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