is Pidgin supposed to use so much CPU power?

David Woolley forums at
Mon Oct 26 05:54:47 EDT 2009

b n wrote:
> I am using the most up to date version of Pidgin and I am using it on 
> Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit.
> 18,248k is what Pidgin is running at according to the task manager. Is 

That's memory, not CPU power. Compared with the amount of memory needed 
to run Vista, and presumably Windows 7, that's nothing;  I come from an 
age when 100K was large, but modern GUI programs tend to get quite big. 
  I'm not running Windows at the moment, but, for example, the minimum 
size for a .NET program must be something like that.

> that normal for the program when it is not in use (i.e. not open on my 
> desktop with just the status bar icon)?

If the memory footprint is not increasing with out bound, I would say it 
was par for the course these days.  Note that memory use will drift up 
with time, although it should reach a limit.

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