MSN Protocol - returned messages

David Woolley forums at
Tue Sep 1 03:52:50 EDT 2009

Hugo Besteiro wrote:

> ( <>) 
> because i am behind a corporate firewall... Some months ago i didn't 
> have these problems with failed messages.
> Do you now what's the problem or can you help me trace it somehow?

Until you provide the debug logs, my guess would be that the proxy is 
cutting the connection short, because the connection is taking longer 
than is reasonably required for a web page access.

In that case, what happens next depends on whether you have a legitimate 
business need, or alternatively, how friendly you are with the IT manager.

Although it sounds like MSN is not being deliberately blocked, IM is one 
of the things that many IT managers would set their firewalls to block.

HTTP proxies were designed to be used for accessing web pages.  Other 
software has taken advantage of them to defeat firewalls, but the less 
they look like web accesses to legitimate sites, the less reliable they 
will be.

David Woolley
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