Vista x64 Pidgin Question

Denis Parish dparish at
Tue Sep 1 17:45:41 EDT 2009

I have three desktop pc's running windows Vista Home Premium x64 that
are loosing their contacts in the Buddy List.


Two of the three will work again if you just close Pidgin and re-open
it. One of the pc's did this for a while also but jus recently that
didn't work anymore and we had to delete the user then add her back.


I upgraded their Pidgin client from 2.5.4 to 2.5.8 thinking that it
would fix the issue but it hasn't.


The Vista pc's that are 32bit don't have this problem nor do the XP


Our IM server is running OpenFire 3.5.4


Is there any known issues with Vista 64 and any fixes?




Denis Parish

dparish at

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