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Brian Morrison bdm at
Thu Sep 3 17:43:13 EDT 2009

On Thu, 3 Sep 2009 23:23:23 +0200
erhan <ernih at> wrote:

> hi i am using piding 2.6.1. on kubuntu. i have install a skype plugin an a 
> Pidgin-Encryption after that i cant start pidgin. i get this report:
> salsero at salsero-laptop:~$ pidgin
> Segmentation fault
> salsero at salsero-laptop:~$
> what can i do?

You need to run pidgin using the GNU debugger gdb, then when it crashes
you should get a backtrace. In order to make that useful, with symbol
information, you also need to install the debug packages for pidgin.

You should be able to run pidgin by typing gdb pidgin in a terminal and
once the gdb process has started then type run. After the crash you
should be able to type bt full to get a backtrace for each thread.

Then look at the backtrace and try and work out where it crashed, if
it's within Pidgin then open a ticket on via Trac, otherwise
report the problem to whoever wrote the plugin where the crash occurs.

You should be able to Google for more information on using gdb, I don't
have the time or inclination to expand on that here.


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