pidgin/Video and VNC

LEQUEUX Etienne etienne.lequeux at
Mon Sep 7 14:55:43 EDT 2009


	I was delighted to use pidgin 2.6 (VoIP and video). KillerApp.

	I've also noticed that using proposed interface (gstreamer-properties),
one may choose rfbsrc as a video input plugin.

	... which would offer 'application sharing' to pidgin users...
	However, gstreamer-properties warns stating 'Custom: could not
negotiate format'


	-> Would any of you offer tips & tricks here ? Any success to use this
way ? any way to parameterize rfbsrc ?

	I understand is this rather a gstreamer issue than a pidgin one... but
if it worked, I would offer another interesting feature to pidgin users
(thus those maybe more motivated rather gstreamer ones ?)

(rfbsrc part of gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad , barely documented)


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