Trouble logging into my XMPP account

Joseph Mays mays at
Tue Sep 8 14:20:13 EDT 2009

> Upgrade to Pidgin 2.6.2, which should correct this issue on Windows.

We're still having the same problem we were before, I tried 2.6.2 and it 
still has the same problems we were having after upgrading libpurple on 
2.6.1. It fixed the hang on login, but we still have the server close the 
connection immediately now. I'll try to get you the server log files you 
requested, but the problem is probably not the server. We are running 
jabberd version 2 on FreeBSD, and it's been fine through GAIM and every 
previous version of pidgin. We never had a problem until 2.6.1.

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