Transfer Logs

Michael Wolf mwolf at
Wed Sep 9 14:34:22 EDT 2009

How do I transfer logs from Windows to Linux?  Where are logs stored on 
Linux?  Note, the FAQ lists the location of configuration data and logs for 
Windows, but not for Linux, except for saying that they are located at 
~./purple.  It's as if Pidgin software writers/support gurus assume Windows 
users are ignorant of environment variables but if you're on Linux you must 
know the filesystem.  This is a gross mistake, especially if the Linux 
community wants to welcome new users. I don't know the Linux file system, 
and thus I don't know where ~./ refers to.  I tried searching for "purple" 
and ".purple" but could not find a folder containing logs.  It is my 
assumption that I can simply port my logs from Windows to Linux.  If this 
is not the case, then I cannot transition to Pidgin and I would have to 
renew my request for a .DEB of Gaim 1.5

Please note that I am trying to transfer from Gaim 1.3.1 on Linux to the 
latest Pidgin.  Windows is running on a VM.

Also, how do I make it so that email notifications come up as pop-up 
windows, like they did with Gaim, rather than in the buddy list?

Thank you,

Michael Wolf 

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