kbd shortcut to reset font in MSN chat not working

David Balazic David.Balazic at hermes-softlab.com
Thu Sep 10 05:00:07 EDT 2009

David Balazic wrote:

> Pidgin 2.6.2 on Windows XP Pro SP3
> In a MSN chat there is a slight issue with keyboard shortcuts
> for formatting.
> Pressing alt-f and then for example alt-r does not work.
> One most release alt and press 'r' without it.
> This is different than in other programs.
> Is this on purpose?
> In shot:
yeah, that should be "short"

>  - does not work: alt-f alt-r
>  - does work: alt-f r

I checked on Ubuntu (9.04, pidgin 2.5.8 or so) nad there it is the same.
It seems to be a GTK+ behavior...
(translation: nothing pidgin can do about)


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