Can't write encrypt.dll whilst installing pidgin-encryption (was: PLUGIN ERROR)

David Woolley forums at
Fri Sep 11 03:21:26 EDT 2009

lawisfiction at wrote:

> Can't write: C:\Program Files\Pidgin\plugins\encrypt.dll

Either you are trying to run the installer whilst Pidgin is already 
running (it looks like a simple installer which installs directly to the 
final location, rather than the more complex ones that install to 
temporary location then use a runonce script to do the final install, 
after asking you to reboot), or you don't have Administrator access.

Note you should have told us that you are using Windows, although we can 
guess that.  You should have told us which version of Windows (Vista, 
has tightened security to the point that it can make a big difference as 
to whether or not an install will fail).  As good practice, you should 
also have told us which plugin was involved.
David Woolley
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