Yahoo Problems

Daniel Atallah datallah at
Fri Sep 11 18:04:20 EDT 2009

On Fri, Sep 11, 2009 at 17:39, Joe Okubo <jadedj1 at> wrote:
> I did that because I thought it might give you better insight as to my
> problem.  apparently it just confused things.  all I want to do is IM with
> people on Yahoo, which I can't do.
> when I did the help>debug, this is what I got:
> (14:38:51) msn: C: NS 000: PNG
> (14:38:51) msn: S: NS 000: QNG 43
> (14:38:55) yahoo: yahoo_html_to_codes(hello)=hello
> (14:38:56) util: Writing file prefs.xml to directory C:\Documents and
> Settings\jobuko\Application Data\.purple
> (14:38:56) util: Writing file C:\Documents and Settings\jobuko\Application
> Data\.purple\prefs.xml
> (14:38:58) yahoo: yahoo_html_to_codes(hello)=hello
> (14:39:01) yahoo: yahoo_html_to_codes(are you there?)=are you there?
> (14:39:05) yahoo: yahoo_html_to_codes(hello)=hello

Do you get an error when sending these messages? (Nothing in the debug
log seems to indicate that there is any sort of problem).

Why do you think they're not going through?


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