more than 1000 contacts on MSN Account

Luis Francisco Ludovico luis_ludovico at
Sat Sep 12 15:29:53 EDT 2009

Hi!, my name is Luis Ludovico from Argentina, SouthAmerica

I have moving multiple windows desktop to LTSP installation on Ubuntu 9.04 64 Bits

I am install pidgin 2.6.1 with instruccion on your site.

The users have multiples msn account and pidgin do great work on this scenario, but ..  some account have more tham 1000 contacs, and this msn account have problem of "visibility" for a group of remote  users.

I try with WLM (msn-pecan) plugin for replacemnet of standar MSN plugin and when login, i have too much contacts to add, but failed when accept add this contacs.

I check msn account with more than 1000 contact on Windows Live Messenger (on windows XP 8-(  ) and all contacts can view this account "on-line"

What is the best aproach to this problem?

1) Split account on two or more new msn account ?
2) Patch pidgin
3) Delete unused contacts where is available this options, where on pidgin o hotmail contacts ?
4) Other !??? 

I try with emesene 1.01.  and 1.5 and have the same behavior.

Thank in advance and sorry by my english, my native language is spanish

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