Help with Pidgin Messenger

Josaphina Sluik jsluik at
Sun Sep 20 10:42:02 EDT 2009

Hello, my name is Josaphina Sluik, and I have a question for you. 

Is there any possible way I could talk to one person, and no one else online 
knows that I'm actually online at all? I've been trying to get this done, due 
to having an over eager friend that likes talking every five minutes, and I 
would like to talk to one person in particular. The times I've tried talking 
with people online while under the invisible status have ended up with the 
program telling me that if I wish to talk to people, then to change my status 
to active. I'd understand if it's not able to be done, but if there is any 
possible way, then I'd gladly like to know =)

Thank you

Josaphina Sluik

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