FYI: HP Netbook 1120NR does not permit upgrade from Pidgin 2.4.3

Howard Cunningham Howard.Cunningham at
Tue Sep 22 10:14:06 EDT 2009


I have been trying to upgrade the Pidgin 2.4.3 client in this HP netbook to a newer one so that Yahoo Messenger would work.

 1.  The 1st level problem is that Pidgin is not listed in the Add/Update software list and hence will not update.
 2.  The technical problem blocking a workaround of #1 is that this Netbook identifies itself as 'hardy-hpmini' but the Pidgin download update is only for 'hardy'. If you download 'hardy', update manager refuses to install it. If you try for 'hardy-hpmini' it is not there (of course).
 3.  The final problem is the claim by HP Support that Pidgin is NOT installed on the Netbook and therefore they do not support it. Despite my assurances that it was there when the device 1st powered up, the escalation case manager said that it was NOT pre-installed and hence could not be supported.
 4.  Since I only have a 16 GB flash drive and had lost interest, I did not pursue building Pidgin from source on the Netbook.

I have returned the Netbook.

Does anyone know of a Netbook with an SSD running Linux that allows you to update Pidgin so that Yahoo Messenger works? Is my only alternative XP Home?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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