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Thu Sep 24 18:43:26 EDT 2009

l______casket______l at gmail.com wrote:
> Hi dear staff,

There are no staff.  This is a peer support list and the developers are 
just peers.

> Please help me. I want to use mig33 protocol in pidgin. mig33 is the 

Where can one find a technical specification for the protocol?

> first mobile im. Their official site is www.mig33.com and their server 

You actually need to include all the qualifying adjectives when someone 
claims to be the first (or best) something, as these claims are 
carefully worded to make the statement true, by including enough 
qualifying adjectives to eliminate the competition.  I suspect MXit may 
be an earlier one.

> address is

What is the business model?  Some business models are frustrated by 
uncontrolled third party clients, especially if the business model 
depends on the use of the client for advertising.

> port: 9119
> tell what should i do to use mig33 im on pidgin please. I'm waiting 
> eagerly for your reply.

Provide protocol documentation, or the results of black box reverse 
engineering the protocol.  Better still provide code that implements 
that protocol, if it not just a re-badged existing one.

MXit is only supported in Pidgin because MXit themselves provided the 

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