Please I Need Help Installing Pidgin

David Woolley forums at
Thu Sep 24 18:54:40 EDT 2009

MisssRenee1969 at wrote:
>     I am trying to install Pidgin, for work, on my home computer.  After 
> I install it and go to the messenger it tell me: disconnected and you 
> require encryption, but it is not available on this server, what does 
> that mean and how can I fix it, I have tried many different options but 
> nothing has helped.  I need this for the work that I do at home.

The best people to ask this question of are the IT department of your 
employers.   If it turns out that Pidgin isn't an approved client, they 
should, at least be able to tell you the technical details of the 
service they expect you to use, which will make it possible to try and 
answer your question.

We would may also need to know the version of Pidgin and the operating 
system on which you are using it.

I do remember that there is a problem with some misconfigured servers 
which are providing an invalid SSL certificate (expired?).

We are also likely to want you to cut and paste the Pidgin debug log (as 
text) and send it to this list.

David Woolley
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