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Mon Aug 2 09:22:46 EDT 2010

On Mon, Aug 2, 2010 at 08:57, eyekay <eyekay234 at> wrote:
> Hello,
> Please can anyone help?

The instructions for building on Windows are here:

If you are actually trying to build gaim 1.5.0. you're going to have a
lot of work to do to figure out how to make that happen (as well as a
lot of changes to make stuff work).

If you have any specific questions, ask them and hopefully someone
will reply, but "Please help!" without explaining what you've tried
and what the specific problem is that you are encountering.


> Thanks
> On 7/9/10, eyekay <eyekay234 at> wrote:
>> Hello kelvin,
>> Thanks for the notice. I'll be replying all so that others get this
>> message as well.
>> I am trying to build it for windows and will like pidgin to have just
>> the Xmpp/jabber protocol without others included.
>> So can anyone help with building a customized version of the latest
>> build of pidgin so that it includes just jabber/Xmpp protocol? I have
>> tried looking at how to build it by myself with the link provided and
>> can just see codes I think was meant for linux.
>> Will really love to know what will be needed for me to compile it
>> myself, where I can download the source code and instructions on how
>> to go about it.. But if someone can help me make it customizable for
>> windows vista and xp I'll really appreciate it..
>> Thanks
>> On 7/9/10, Kevin Stange <kstange at> wrote:
>>> Please use the reply all or reply to list functionality when replying so
>>> that your messages go back to the mailing list so that everyone may
>>> assist you as possible.
>>> On 07/09/2010 01:51 AM, eyekay wrote:
>>>> Hello kelvin,
>>>> I'm rather a newbie at compiling and decompiling source codes. All I
>>>> wanted was for all the protocols that link to external things like
>>>> yahoo,msn, aim and others disabled so that when pidgin is installed
>>>> the user can only make use of the Xmpp/jabber protocols.
>>> What platform are you trying to obtain this for?  If it's Windows, there
>>> is a method to compile Pidgin without the additional plugins or build
>>> them statically, but you could also just unpack the zip distribution,
>>> remove the DLL files for protocols you don't want then redistribute it.
>>> You can do the same with other binary releases by removing the .so files
>>> for those protocols and repackaging.
>>>> Can I get someone to help me out with doing this and send me the
>>>> edited version of pidgin?
>>> If you are on a platform other than Windows, this is a strange request
>>> because as I indicated previously there is no modification needed to the
>>> software to remove support for protocols you don't want, you simply
>>> select not to compile them when you run the configuration script.
>>> For details on building Pidgin, see:
>>> If you are looking for a custom binary build of Pidgin lacking
>>> everything besides XMPP, preparing one depends on what platform you
>>> intend to your software, including knowledge of which versions of
>>> various dependencies will be present, CPU architecture and operating
>>> system.  It is probably best that you familiarize yourself with the
>>> process of building Pidgin and perform the task yourself on a machine
>>> configured similarly to the one you intend to run the software on, so
>>> that you can keep your limited distribution up to date in case there are
>>> bugs in the core code or XMPP that have stability or security
>>> implications.
>>> For that reason I would certainly recommend against pulling the
>>> Gaim/Pidgin 1.5.x code because it will be riddled with these defects and
>>> the responsibility to correct them would fall entirely to you.
>>>> I'll be willing to pay a widows mite if the person can help me edit it
>>>> and
>>>> send.
>>>> If you can or know someone who can please do get in touch with me so I
>>>> can explain in details what I want done.
>>> This is not something I'm up to, but perhaps someone else is willing.
>>> Kevin
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