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eyekay eyekay234 at
Mon Aug 2 11:44:37 EDT 2010


Ok I want to try the video and voice chat support for Xmpp/jabber
protocol alone using two pidgin installations as clients with an
ejabbered server, how do I go about it?

On 8/2/10, Daniel Atallah <datallah at> wrote:
> On Mon, Aug 2, 2010 at 09:27, eyekay <eyekay234 at> wrote:
>> The questions I have to ask are
>> 1) How i can build pidgin to have support just for xmpp/jabber alone
>> without the other protocols?
> Assuming that you're on Windows, this will involve editing the build
> scripts so that only that protocol plugin is built.
> Alternatively, you can simply delete the other protocol plugins' dlls
> after they are built.
>> 2) How do i use pidgin after compiling with just jabber/xmpp alone to
>> have a video/voice chat?
> Once again, assuming you're on Windows, this isn't possible - support
> for voice/video isn't present on Windows at this time.
> If you're inclined to help with making that happen, patches are always
> welcome.
> -D

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