Having problems staying connected

David Woolley forums at david-woolley.me.uk
Tue Aug 10 15:54:11 EDT 2010

Michael Morillo wrote:
> I am having problems getting connected to the typistlink IM program 
> which is from "pidgin" software instant messaging program. When I open 

It is not from "pidgin software".  It may be built on top of Pidgin.

At a guess, this relates to Quicktate, in which case the only people who 
can help you are Quicktate, as they are the only people who know how 
their server is set up.  If it is not Quicktate, it will probably be one 
of their competitors, and the same principle probably applies.

If it uses a public server, we would still need to know what that server 
was and what type of server it is.  We'd also need to know the version 
of pidgin and the detailed error messages, and, if you are connecting 
from a company, some details of the company network.

> up this program, it keeps telling me "unable to connect" "disconnected." 
> Can you please kindly help me out with this problem I am having logging on?

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