2.7.2, yahoo through proxy issues

Alex Colomb colomb at gmail.com
Wed Aug 11 10:42:09 EDT 2010

I can't seem to get yahoo connected through our corporate proxy.  I tried
clicking the "Use account proxy for SSL connections" checkbox, but that
still doesn't work.

Pidgin 2.7.2
Windows 7 64bit and Windows XP
Facetime proxy server

Here is the associated debug information:

(09:25:02) *proxy:* Connecting to vcs1.msg.yahoo.com:80 via facetime:1080
using SOCKS5
(09:25:02) *socks5 proxy:* Connection in progress
(09:25:02) *socks5 proxy:* Connected.
(09:25:02) *socks5 proxy:* Able to read.
(09:25:02) *s5:* reallocing from 5 to 8
(09:25:02) *s5:* reallocing from 8 to 10
(09:25:02) *proxy:* Connected to vcs1.msg.yahoo.com:80.
(09:25:02) *util:* request constructed
(09:25:02) *yahoo:* Unable to retrieve server info. 0 bytes retrieved with
error message: Error reading from vcs1.msg.yahoo.com: Connection interrupted
by other software on your computer.
(09:25:02) *connection:* Connection error on 04D82E30 (reason: 0
description: Unable to connect: The server returned an empty response.)

To confuse matters a bit, I can get version 2.6.6 to connect through the
proxy on the XP machines, but not the Windows 7 machine....

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