Support Digest, Vol 36, Issue 18 --- a couple of problems (Daniel Clem)

Harold F. Ayers Jr. hfayersjr at
Sat Aug 14 13:25:30 EDT 2010

> I am running Pidgin on a Ubuntu 10.4  computer and I have 2 problems
>   *Facebook account setup  *Email Sound Notification
>     I know I've seen other people setup Facebook chat with pidgin so I know it's possible, but Facebook is not in the drop down menu when I try to set up a new account, so what do you I do?
Hello Daniel,

Casey Ho posted an Blog (I use Firefox/NewsFox RSS reader) sometime last 
February about using XMPP to connect to Facebook.

Hope this helps. Don't know how to answer your other question concerning 
EMail sound notification. Have you checked the
Pidgin addons?

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