Can't log on to AIM account via Pidgin but can via AOL's AIM client

majik true_majik at
Wed Aug 18 10:24:51 EDT 2010

I can't log on to my AIM account via Pidgin but can via AOL's AIM client. This is at my place of employment. I know for a fact I was able to log on to AIM via Pidgin a while back but all of a sudden it stopped working. What I don't get is that AOL's AIM client still works that leads me to believe that it's not a firewall issue. Although the IT dept allows for IM clients, they won't support/troubleshoot it as it is not essential for daily business activity. I am running the latest version of Pidgin - 2.7.3. Anybody know what's going on? What should my settings be? I messed with them so much I don't even know what should be the default settings. I've also tried completely uninstalling/reinstalling Pidgin.



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