Quick question.

Sadrul Habib Chowdhury sadrul at pidgin.im
Thu Aug 19 10:19:29 EDT 2010

* adrian at eastseventh.com had this to say on [19 Aug 2010, 09:56:52 -0400]:
> Hi, 
> I couldn't find any answer to it. Why don't I have ~/.gntrc  ? Do I have
> to create it? When I do create it, what do I have to put into the file

If you want to change some settings in finch, then yes, you should
create it and add the settings you want. For the available options you
can change in .gntrc, take a look at the man page for finch.

> (commands, scripts, etc.)? PS. I do have an irssi clien installed as
> well, although I'm thinking about removing it (if that would help).

The irssi client, installed or uninstalled, should not affect finch.


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