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David Woolley forums at david-woolley.me.uk
Thu Aug 26 15:17:48 EDT 2010

BobCO wrote:
> I get this error for QQ
> Dear user, your QQ version has been discontinued,
> Please http://hi.qq.com
> Download and install the latest version of QQ.
> For the inconvenience, please understand!

QQ changed their protocol.  They didn't tell anyone what the new 
protocol was.  They probably didn't care, because they only want you to 
use their client.

I do half remember that someone managed to work out what they changed, 
however, if they didn't, it probably requires an open source programmer, 
in China, to get interested, before it likely that a workaround will be 
created.  Make sure you are using latest versions, though.

David Woolley
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