Same keyboard shortcut for 3 elements in Add account dialog

Paul Aurich darkrain42 at
Thu Aug 26 15:30:25 EDT 2010

On 2010-08-26 05:19, Michael Secord wrote:
>  Just because I noticed it too, look in your screenshot, both the "Use
> SSL" and "Use clientLogin" have U as the access there's a
> problem there as well. I can't verify as I'm not on a pidgin available
> computer.
> -Michael
> On 8/26/10 9:30:36 AM David Balažic <david.balazic at> said
> unto support at <support at> :
>> Hi!
>> Using Pidgin 2.7.3 on WinXP, I noticed that in the Add Account dialog,
>> if the type of the account is AIM, in the Advanced tab 3 items have the
>> same keyboard shortcut:
>>   - the option Always use AIM/ICQ procy...
>>   - the option Allow multiple ...
>>   - the Add button
>> They all have the A underlined, so alt-a is their shortcut.

From gtkaccount.c:
  tmp = g_strconcat("_", purple_account_option_get_text(option), NULL);
  opt_entry->widget = check = gtk_check_button_new_with_mnemonic(tmp);

This strikes me as totally wrong (although if it's possible to 'tab'
between entries with the same mnemonic, I guess it's less wrong).  Added
in 90c2a6492b85a718acbed863733e736cea512906.


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