Wow! Do you know you can turn your huge data base to Free Money ?

Victor Lee lkt9988 at
Thu Jan 7 03:41:12 EST 2010

*Hi Founder of Pidgin,*

Let's me share an idea with you that could create a

huge earning stream for your organization.

We have a very unique way to re-monetize your

data base, at absolutely NO COST to you or your

subscribers, that could bring $10 million/month

(or more) into your company, at

absolutely NO COST to you or your subscribers.

I'd like to spend just a few minutes on the phone

to share why this is such a unique, unparalleled

opportunity for Pidgin.

Please let me know when is the best time and phone number
to contact you directly?

Yours sincerely,

Victor Lee

lkt9988 at
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