Quickly searching huge buddy lists

Programmer In Training pit at joseph-a-nagy-jr.us
Fri Jan 8 12:00:33 EST 2010

On 1/8/2010 10:51 AM, Christopher Sawyer wrote:
> Hi there
> I use an Office Communicator pidgin plugin so I can integrate this with
> my other IM accounts.  Unfortunately, the server sends me a buddy list
> of every employee in the company grouped by department... so this is a
> HUGE list.
> Is there a way I can use it to quickly search for a co-worker... for
> example is there someplace I can type "Carl" and then see all my buddies
> who are named "Carl", so I can view their properties... for example a
> phone number if I need to call "Carl" ? 

Select a random buddy in your list and start typing "Carl". Pidgin will
advance to the first "Carl" it encounters. If that's not the right one,
if they have last names, continue typing until you find the one you're
looking for.


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