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 I'm confused by this answer. I have Pidgin as my instant messanger with compatibility form AOL, but when i use AIM express my account works fine. I tried going to the link but nothing comes up. I don't know what a Debut log is but the Server for Pidgin when this happens is:  

 I'm unsure what to ask of Support Request because I'm unsure how to fix the key features of the problem mentioned.
I have tried clicking the link the unexpected response came from but everytime i go to it, I get a blank page. If the problem is with AOL then, how can i fix this problem so i can still use Pidgin?
I'm confused how to fix the problem.



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> Hello, I'm having problem with my Pidgin account, I don't know why but  
There is no such thing as a Pidgin account; you are having problems with an AOL Instant Messenger account.  What happens if you use the official AOL client.  What is in the Pidgin debug log when this happens. 
> it says my penname has been disabled and every time i try and re-enable > it, i keep getting the same message. I don't know how to modify it and i > have no ides what to do. Everytime i try to say I am Available or enable > my account this pops up: 
> > s2Teennovelist disabled 
> Received unexpected response from > (and two buttons one > saying re-enable and one saying modify account.) Everytime i hit Renanle > the same message pops up. 
> >  I don't know what else to do to try and get my account working again > and I need my IM. what can i do? 
Note that support requests should summarise the key features of the problem. 
-- David Woolley 
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