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> Hey my name is Michelle and I would like to load the List Handler
> plug in for my pidgin.
> But the thing is I do not know how to do this can you please reply to
> my email with some instructions which will help me to do this

>You need to download the Pidgin Plugin Pack, this can be found here:


>Once downloaded, you need to open the zip file and if you're using
>Windows (which I think you are likely to be) you then copy all the files
>in the zip archive to the Pidgin plugin directory, which is usally
>C:\Program Files\pidgin\plugins.

>Then restart Pidgin, and using the menu select Tools->Plugins, find the
>plugins you want, select them, configure them as you want, close the
>plugins window and you're away.


>Brian Morrison

Brian, the problem with using the installed directory is that when an updated Pidgin is installed, it overlays the installation directory wiping out any Plugins.

I found the following in one of the "Readme.Txt" files when using Plugins

To install these plugins, copy them to the plugins directory created by the
Pidgin installer (usually C:\Program Files\Pidgin\plugins) or to your own
plugins directory (usually needs to be created as a subdirectory of
%APPDATA%\.purple).  If you are unsure of %APPDATA%'s location, go to a
Windows Explorer window's address bar or to the Run prompt and type
%APPDATA%\.purple to access your .purple directory.

Installing to your own plugins directory is preferred, as Pidgin upgrades
will not touch %APPDATA%\.purple but they will erase the system wide plugins
directory.  Any plugins you install to the system wide plugins directory will
have to be reinstalled every time you upgrade Pidgin.

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