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Good Afternoon,

Go to to download MXit. It will automatically detect your "Phone make and model" and the correct version.

If you are experiencing any problems downloading MXit/connecting then please reply to this email with a short description of your problem and include any error messages that you might get as well, also tell us the make and model of your phone and your service provider.

You need to download Pidgin 2.6.5(this includes the MXit protocol),but this is recommend for your PC...: 


This is a plugin for the libPurple library (used by IM programs like Pidgin) for supporting the MXit protocol. Pidgin runs on both Linux and Windows platforms. This is another way for using MXit on your PC. Please see the Pidgin website for more information regarding the Pidgin IM client.


 Pidgin with MXit Install Tutorial This tutorial contains step-by-step instructions for installing Pidgin, adding your existing MXit account to Pidgin or registering for a new MXit account.
Installing the MXit Plugin

These are the steps to follow to get MXit running op your PC via Pidgin.

Download the Pidgin IM program from
Install Pidgin.
Go to Accounts and then Manage Accounts. Then choose Add.
Select MXit in the protocol drop-down box.
Enter the number you used to register with MXit as your username and put your MXit PIN into the password field.
Fill in the rest of the requested information asked.
Well done, you now have MXit working on your PC! Happy chatting!
If you have any issues, please check the  MXit Pidgin Plugin Forum.
Using the MXit Plugin

Inviting a friend on MXit

Go to the Buddies menu, and select Add Buddy.
Choose your MXit account in the drop-down box.
Enter your friend's MXit login number into the username box.
Enter your friend's name in the Alias box.
Choose an appropriate group for your friend by selecting the group.
Click on the Add button. This will now send a MXit invite to your friend.

To start a MultiMx chat-room in Pidgin, go to the Buddies menu, and select Join a Chat.
A window will then popup. Please select MXit in the Account drop-down box, and enter a name for the room. (This is the name other MXit users will see.)
Click the Join button.
The new chat-room will now be opened in a new window.
To add friends to your MultiMx room, go to the Conversation menu, and select Invite.... Remember this will only work for MXit contacts.
Please note that when you close the MultiMx room chat window, you will automatically leave the room.

To update your MXit mood in Pidgin for your friends to see is easy:

Go to the Accounts menu, and hover over your MXit account in the sub-menu.
Now select the "Change Mood..." option.
Here you will be able to see your current mood, as well as update your mood for all your MXit friends to see.

Your MXit profile includes:

Your MXit PIN (password)
Your display name (which other users will see when you invite them)
Your age
Your gender
Hiding of your MXit login (cellphone number)
To view or update your MXit profile works basically the same as changing your mood:

Go to the Accounts menu, and hover over your MXit account in the sub-menu.
Now select the "Change Profile..." option.
Here you will be able to see your current MXit profile, as well as update your profile.
Submitting a patch

If you made changes to the MXit plugin code, and wish to share it with the world, or even if you just want to show-off your incredible 1337 hacking skillz, you can create a patch and send it in for consideration. Once the patch has been approved by the project's technical lead, it will be added to the project development repository (SVN trunk).

Please follow the following guidelines to ensure easy and quick submission:

Ensure that you are patching on the latest code which can be found in the project SVN trunk.
Ensure that you have properly tested your changes.
Please keep to the project's coding standards (see the source code for an example).
Create the patch using the command diff -Naur original_dir patched_dir > mxit-pidgin.patch.
Email the patch file to libpurple at mxit dot com.
Wait for your patch to be applied in the project trunk, and tell all your friends that you are a MXit code contributor. :-)


Ané Schoeman | Technical Support

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> hi i recently downloaded pidgin 2.6.3 on my nokia n900and was really
> hoping to use it to connect to mxit. But after downloading it i found
> that It doesnt offer the option to use mxit. Im hoping theres some
> way you guys can help me. Is there something i can do or something i
> can download in order to get mxit on this version of pidgin?

You really need to talk directly to the Mxit developers, Mxit is
included in Pidgin but it isn't developed by the core Pidgin devs.


Brian Morrison

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