Problem with Gadu Gadu protocol

David Woolley forums at
Thu Jan 28 18:01:36 EST 2010

Emil Sekula wrote:

> Do you plan to resolve it ?

What do you mean by "you".  There is no corporate body called Pidgin 
Support that makes policy on such things.  Like most open source 
projects something will get done when some individual thinks it 
important and useful to do so, and has the time to do it.  If you have 
the right skills, it could even be you.

Where can one find public documentation of the latest protocol, 
preferably in English?

The Wikipedia article, and some others, seems to suggest the protocol is 
proprietary (maybe even secret) and that any documentation that exists 
is likely to be in Polish.  It may well be that the protocol has to be 
re-reverse engineered before anything can be done.

David Woolley
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