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Sat Jun 5 05:52:03 EDT 2010

kristo wrote:
> hi my mane is kristo i have read that pidgin is open source does that 
> mean i can write a new plug-in for pidgin?

Being open source is not a necessary condition for writing plugins. 
Being open source means that you can also modify the core code and 
distribute it under the same legal terms as the original.  (Also, not 
all open source programs have a plugin architecture.)

> If i can how do i go about in doing that any help will we appreciated

Obviously you need to be a competent programmer and a good knowledge of 
C is advisable.  Beyond that, look at http://developer.pidgin.im/.

PS when posting to support lists, it is helpful if the subject is a one 
line precis of the message, or at least of the problem definition.

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