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costav cstvrt at yahoo.fr
Mon Jun 7 13:25:42 EDT 2010

More on this (it's my 2nd message); I didn't know that much then, and that first one wasn't formulated greatly anyway.
The "not on server list" tag, followed by a red circle like the no parking sign, refers only to chat buddies using msn/ hotmail. It seems that recently (= it actually started even a little before Pidgin version 2.71), Pidgin stopped updating the MSN server list. 
There is no other problem originated by myself (settings or something), I can communicate with these people normally through Yahoo Messenger for example (which supports MSN). The trouble is, even though these contacts appear correctly as available (or not), i.e. with their green or grey circle, I cannot write to them. And if they try writing to me (e.g. after I wrote to them via Yahoo Messenger), their answer arrives at a random other MSN user's account! 
I have searched a little around, and found out it is not the first time Pidigin does not update the server list, and it happened again quite long ago. The user who reported that mentioned even installing an earlier Pidgin version did not resolve it.So, if it is not fixed, I am afraid I will have to give up Pidgin... to my great dislike. But unfortunately, due to the extent of Microsoft usage, most chatters are on MSN...
Please give me your ideas, the problem affects everyone. And also, what the correct procedure for reporting it would be.Thanks

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