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You should check the "es" checkbox during installation and the create an 
environment variable named PIDGINLANG with value "es". I did that trick 
with Russian and it worked for me.

10.06.2010 16:20, Leandro Battista пишет:
> Hello, who are you? I have a problem. It makes three versions that I 
> can not install Pidgin in Spanish, installer, of course, est in 
> English, no problem with that, but I prefer it in Spanish because I 
> can program more comfortable. How I have to do to install it in 
> Spanish? I have intentions by checking the box on "Localizations" of 
> "is" (because I have not seen the sp) else "ar (Argentina?) And I had 
> no result, still in English. By the way, install and uninstall GTK + 
> because often I find no access to the graphical interface (themes 
> could change before), it is deleted or my mistake? I would appreciate 
> your prompt response, thank you very much.
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