Some problems with version 2.7.1

Daniel Atallah datallah at
Mon Jun 21 08:35:02 EDT 2010

2010/6/17 Ягоднинский РО ФССП <yagodnoe2010 at>:
>  Hello, at полчении your product under the reference
>  with Russian why that at installation is displayed only English, to the kurd and Ukrainian,
>  please prompt how to receive the high-grade distribution kit in Russian. Many thanks. Anton.

 As of 2.7.1, we only include translations for the installer that are
at least 50% complete.
 There are currently 27 languages that qualify, the Russian
translation is, unfortunately, not one of them.  Hopefully the
Russiian translators
 will be able to resolve this for the next release

 Checking the 'ru' translation checkbox during installation will
install the translation, but the language used during the installation
will, by
 default, drive which language is actually used at runtime.

for how to change the language.


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