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On Sun, Jun 27, 2010 at 15:41, Jerry Simon <j.simon at> wrote:
> none of the plug-ins are checked - and I didn’t install any other than the
> ones the pidgin software came with stock
> it usually happens when I close out of a conversation with the esc key -
> when I get a new IM from that same person, the conversation will be halfway
> up the the dialog box requiring me to scroll down -- also sometimes while in
> the middle of a conversation it will just stay kind of stuck on one part of
> the convo..
> another way to replicate it is to check an older part of a conversation
> --then scroll back down to the most current part of the conversation, and it
> will kinda just stay stuck...
> any ideas would be really appreciated!

I can't make this happen in either of the scenarios you mention.

Are you using a non-standard GTK+ theme?  Is there something unusual
about your Windows GUI configuration (fonts, UI theme, etc)?


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>> On Sat, Jun 26, 2010 at 23:32, Jerry Simon <J.Simon at> wrote:
>>> hi - when using pidgin 2.7.1 on a windows xp pro sp 3 machine (and pretty
>>> much any other machine) most conversations don’t "auto-scroll" -
>>> sometimes
>>> they do but for the most part they get stuck on a way earlier part of the
>>> conversation...ive searched and have seen signs that it has been fixed
>>> but I
>>> assure you the problem is still there and is really frustrating..
>> This isn't a common problem.
>> Which plugins are you using?
>> -D

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