Login failed / Pidgin 2.6.6

David Woolley forums at david-woolley.me.uk
Sun May 2 16:24:25 EDT 2010

Stefan Bee wrote:
> Hi @all!
> few days ago i updated my Pidgin Version to Pidgin 2.6.6.
> Since this time i can't Log-In to Pidgin... i see the following Failure 

Pidgin is not something that you can login to; you can only do that to 
the individual services.

> Message:
> Unerwartete Antwort von http://api.oscar.aol.com/aim/startOSCARSession 
> erhalten: useTLS=1 is not allowed for non secure requests.
> (Translation: unexpected response received from http://api...)

For the exact translation and the workaround see http://www.pidgin.im/

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