Win32 downloads for 2.7.0

David Balazic David.Balazic at
Thu May 13 06:50:11 EDT 2010

John Bailey wrote:

> The problem with the win32 installer that everyone's 
> reporting is that I didn't
> realize there was other stuff that needed to be put in place 
> to make the normal
> online installer work.  As a temporary fix, I have changed 
> our download page to
> point to the offline installer, which includes GTK+.  If you 
> previously
> downloaded an installer and are experiencing issues, try 
> downloading the offline
> installer.

I just tried to download and get the same issue.
The URLs I followed were:

I got a 8.7 MB big file.

During installation I get this:

Pidgin 2.7.0 Setup
Error Downloading the GTK+ Runtime :
Retry   Cancel   

Another thing: After this error the install continues, giving an
unusable Pidgin installation.
Wouldn't it be better to abort the installation if GTK can not be

And last: waht is the URL of the working setup?


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