Win32 downloads for 2.7.0

David Balazic David.Balazic at
Thu May 13 11:45:15 EDT 2010

Ethan Blanton wrote:

> David Balazic spake unto us the following wisdom:
> > For next time I suggest the latest revolutionary technique,
> > called "testing" ;)
> This comment is not helpful.  Clearly we would like to test
> everything, but in some cases it is not possible.  Most Pidgin
> developers do not have access to Windows, or don't have access to
> Windows on personal machines.

Well, then you could have sent an email, before doing the release:


At http://some.server/pidgin-2.7.0-rc.exe you can get the release
for Pidgin 2.7.0-win32. If anyone has time, please test it.




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