Bug after Update Pidgin 2.7

Patryk Majka pat77ma at yahoo.de
Fri May 14 05:31:11 EDT 2010

Hello Pidgin-Team.


First sorry for my bad English, but I try my best. =)


Thank you for Pidgin, I used it long time ago.


After todays update to version 2.7 I have a bug / problem.

The problem I have is with the MSN-Protocol. Some Smilies go animated very
fast . Not in the orginal speed. I think its maybe 3x faster when normaly.
And when I put very very much of this smilies [this faster smilies] in my
message or get very very much smilies from other, Pidgin crashes.


I hope I could help you with this information.


Sincerely pat77ma.

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