pidgin audio&video support

Tony_Silence silencetony at
Thu May 20 05:10:12 EDT 2010

  Hi,I'm a loyal user of ubuntu,and a loyal user of pidgin as well.But
recently I wanna make a video call to a windows user through Gtalk,a plugin
of pidgin.And it didn't work well.Somebody says that pidgin now doesn't
support an audio/video call,but in this site
I realized that pidgin does support audio/video call for Gtalk .I've
anything I can to make it work but failed.By the way ,my operating system is
ubuntu 10.04LTS and my pidgin is the latest edition 2.7.0. In the meanwhile
I have installed the libraries suggested,but some of them cannot be found in
synaptic.So ,could you please list the libraries essential in detail for me
to make it work well.Thanks a lot !

Tony_Silence from China
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